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Mark S. Hall Consulting

An experienced business consultant based in Buffalo, NY

About Mark S. Hall Consulting
An engagement and results-driven entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience

We look at the nuts and bolts of each business we work with. We approach each client holistically while gaining a deep understanding of their business, industry, and mission. We embrace the ideal that we can not succeed unless you succeed. We realize that the client ALWAYS comes first, and we are committed to helping you become successful!

We are trained and experienced profit scientists, having helped hundreds of small and midsized businesses reach, and in most cases, exceed income expectations.

We survey your marketplace; monitoring the behavior of customers, suppliers, competitors, and government to determine where your firm is positioned, and how best to achieve growth and greater profitability in the future. We closely analyze each business process: sales & marketing, customer relations, finance, accounting, operations, production, human resources and management; with the purpose of identifying areas where greater profitability can be achieved. Once this has been done, we carefully tailor innovative solutions to achieve your company’s goals and profitability.

We know it takes more than a great idea to build and sustain a successful business – because we have done it before.

Start achieving greater profits and improve your business today, by allowing us to help you.

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Small Business Solutions
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We’re dedicated to assisting you to find the most cost effective and efficient solutions to your business challenges. Whether you need to transform your customer relations management system, or design and implement a digital marketing solution for firm, we are here to help.

Use the power of digital technology to transform your business

Work with me and increase your bottom line